Parkrun is looking for volunteers to join a new event in Peel Park, Salford.

The a running organisation is planning a new run around the inner-city park but requires more volunteers before it can go ahead.

Event director Chris Smith said it has been in the planning for around four years, during which the organisers have cleared several hurdles. But it has one further problem before the run can go ahead.

“We currently have five (volunteers) and the minimum is eight,” said Chris.

The volunteers perform a range of roles in helping Parkrun run smoothly including; marshals on the track to help and ensure the safety of the runners, a time keeper and scanners.

“Permission was quite difficult to get, we had to get the route right. We trialled eight different routes but finally got the right one. The route cant be too narrow and has to consider the effect on other park users.

“Funding has been difficult, we were promised £3,500 in the past but as people moved on from jobs this was forgotten about.

“We also needed a defibrillator which Salford University have kindly said we can use.”

The group has big ambitions for this Parkrun, Chris added: “We have big plans, we think this could grow to be big.”

He says the location of Peel Park is perfect for the organisers because of its central but also because it’s a ‘deprived area’.

Peel Park Salford

“It is in a deprived area and we hope to attract less traditional runners in an area with poor statistics for health and fitness.”

They will be looking to become part of a growing group that was founded on October the 2nd 2004 by Paul Sinton-Hewitt.

It now boasts runs in 577 locations in the UK, with runs also being in 22 other countries, across five continents. The events are 5km (3.1 miles) and are inclusive to all ages and ability.

Find out more about the Parkrun here:

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