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After beating Solihull Moors 2-0 at home last Saturday, Salford City FC visit the EBB Stadium for the first time this season to play Aldershot Town.

The Ammies will launch into their next game with a three game win streak, showing they are a force to be reckoned with.

Aldershot Town have previously visited the Peninsula Stadium earlier this season in November 2018, but left with a 4-0 defeat on their shoulders.

With this previous defeat from Salford City FC, Aldershot Town have a chance for redemption, but in their last six games they have faced four losses, showing that they may be weaker following the Saturday kick off.

However, Salford will approach the EBB Stadium with a spring in their step after last Saturday’s game against Solihull Moors.

On March 9, 2019, Salford City FC scored two cracking goals, including the first goal of the season from Liam Aghorn, the clubs captain.

In a post-match interview, Matt Green, who plays Forward for Salford City FC and scored the second goal, stated: “Collectively as a group, we’ve been at it for the last 3 games and I’m just grateful to give a bit of a helping hand.”

After the poor start to 2019, Salford City FC seems to have picked up the flow and have started winning games effortlessly, allowing no other team to get a ball past the keeper. The dominance of the squad has impressed fans tremendously and they are all travelling to the EBB Stadium.

The tickets for the game will be available at the turnstile, or you can buy tickets in advance from Aldershot’s website.

Adults: £18
Concessions: £14
11-18: £5
Under-11s: Free

To keep up to date with the Salford City FC team, check out their Twitter page.

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