Salford University welcome Chester University back to their turf ahead of the fourth official ‘Varsity’ sporting competition, commencing Wednesday March 20.

The event sees both universities go head to head in over twenty sporting events, including football, swimming and squash.

First commencing away in Chester back in 2016, the two take it in turns to host each year, in an opportunity to showcase some of the areas finest athletes as well as bring sports fans and students alike together.

But Salford Student Union president elect Evie Adams says the Varsity event also has other benefits.

She said: “Varsity is good for the university as it encourages students to be active; not just physically but socially as well.

“It shows current and new students what life can be like here at Salford Uni. You can find friends and network by joining sport teams or societies, that you never meet if you stay within your course.

“I believe that there is something for everyone at Salford including a group for them. Varsity is just a showcase of our teams. Sport at university improves student wellbeing whether it’s competitive or recreational, team or individual.”

Adams was also quick to point out that Varsity is not only a social gathering and health benefit.

She added: “Being active can help students improve their mental well being as well. Sometimes just going to meet new people can improve students lives at Salford, and the groups at Salford Students Union, help facilitate that.

“I would not be who I am today without sport teams or societies. I have met all of my close friends through them and will encourage every student to try one.”

Salford’s men’s football team celebrate winning two league titles, ahead of the varsity clash with rivals Chester

With more than 500 people involved in the games, as competitors or fans, this competitive block of the university sporting calendar has become a highly anticipated event for both establishments and this year promises to be no different.

Ashley Walker is the chairman of the men’s football team at Salford that has just secured two league titles, but he says there is nothing like the buzz of varsity.

“Everyone involved with the club is extremely excited for our varsity game against Chester. The buzz on the morning of varsity is something you can’t explain, you know what is at steak and you know how much it means to everyone at Salford, across all sports teams and students.

“It’s one of the only games every season, that everyone looks when the fixture is going to be. Off the back of 2 league wins there’s such a positive energy coursing through the club at the moment, spirits are sky high.

“With the selected varsity team, everyone is positive we’ll be able to get the victory, the club deserves it.”

Featured image credit: screenshot; Varsity image credit – Sam Mansfield

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