If you’re looking to try your first ballet then look no further than Birmingham Royal Ballet’s version of Beauty and the Beast. The show, which will be at The Lowry until Saturday, March 23, is deep-rooted in the traditional story of the famous fairytale.

Belle’s father, played by Rory Mackay, a kindly but feeble man, innocently picks a rose for his daughter Belle, played by Yvette Knight, on his travels. However, before he can leave a hideous and brutal beast, Played by Brandon Lawrence, appears from the shadows and demands the girl for his own or he will kill the old man. Heartbroken, but in an effort to save her father, Belle leaves for the castle.

The ballet is unbelievably beautiful. The sets are stunning and the use of various tricks, including lighting and smoke machines, creates the dark tones in the ballet.

One of the greatest parts of the dance was the reveal of the castle. Towering golden doors open to a smoke-filled room. Each element, from the table to the many mirrors, are revealed one at one with spotlights. It is wondrous to see- especially when the objects start to move.

The show is not completely full of doom and gloom. It has some absurd scenes in it, especially when the evil sisters, played by Laura Purkiss and Samara Downs, and Monsieur Cochon, played by James Barton, appeared. The audience was howling with laughter when these three took the stage. The over the top and whimsical acting alongside the fitting musical score, written by Glenn Buhr, makes this show utterly hilarious.

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Grand backdrops and effortless movements from all the dancers, especially the Wild Girl, played by Yaoqian Shang, captivated the whole audience, including the little ones.

Bringing the traditional story to life, this gorgeous ballet makes for the perfect first show for children but is equally enjoyed by adults. To get tickets for the show visit The Lowry’s website here.

Image Credits The Lowry.

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