Inspiral Carpets keyboardist and DJ Clint Boon visited the University of Salford to talk to journalism students about Manchester music and his work in progress, Bickershaw the Musical.

Clint Boon admitted to getting more in touch with his creative side as he is now involved in writing, staring, and producing a film/musical about Bickershaw, a Wigan musical festival based in 1972.

He will play Billy Fielding, a man who immediately reminded Boon of his father after reading over the script a first time. The film had been in discussion and production for the past 7 years, with constant rewriting of the film taking place.

Boon admitted to having songs under his belt for the past 20 years that didn’t quite fit in with the Inspirals’ sound, but now fit in with the tone and genre of the film

However, writing songs solely for the film had proved difficult for Boon, admitting: “Its just, to write songs with the images in mind of what’s going to come with film is different than anything I’ve ever done before it is quite challenging.”

Bickershaw is planned to start filming towards the end of the year, which Boon seems very positive about.

Boon says he loves the upcoming talent in the city.

“I honestly think it’s it’s stronger and more prolific now. Its exciting and goosebumpy some of the stuff that’s coming out of the region.

” I mean Madchester was great. But, you’re probably talking about 20-30 bands that were around. Now, you’ve got something where its easy to make music on one of these, on a Macbook. It’s so easy now to make great music with the help of a computer and digital recording.”

Boon spoke to the students about his working class family, and his cornershop beginnings. His journey from grammar school to art school helped him grow as a creative individual and it was there he found the musical instrument that would change his life.

“He had this thing, we had never heard of it, called a synthesizer. It was a keyboard, only about this big, with a patch bit full of wires, and a little speaker.

“And when he showed us it, it was like Doctor Who this music that was coming out of it.”

Punk music helped Boon wake up to the idea of a career in music, and when Inspiral Carpets called him to ask help record a demo in 1986, the rest was history.

By 1888, they were huge in the music scene and eventually caught the eye of John Peel, without even having an album out. Producing songs such as Saturn 5 and This Is How It Feels, captivated audiences in the 90’s but even now turn football fans head with Manchester City changing the words in their chants when playing their rivals Manchester United.

Clint Boon also discussed what it was like having Noel Gallagher turn from their roadie to the Oasis frontman and superstar he is today. He confirmed the rumour that Noel had actually auditioned to be the leader singer of the Inspirals but his voice didn’t match the band as well as Tom Hingley did.

When Noel got the call saying Liam had started Oasis, formerly named The Rain, Boon said he was stood right next to him, so watched the blossoming of the Gallagher brothers.

Coincidentally, the name Oasis came from an Inspiral Carpets poster from their performance at ‘The Oasis Leisure Centre.’

Since 2005, Boon has been involved in radio broadcasting, hosting shows on stations such as XFM or XS Radio, giving Manchester a taste of alternative music and some of his quick witted stories. Boon also controls the airwaves with his podcast, Storytime with Boon, where he brings on musical guests and tells some stories about his life, with a quick dose of promoting an unsigned band.

For more information on Clint Boon, check out his Twitter, or his podcast.

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