Salford Harriers and Athletic Club are preparing to run in a national 10 km road race that is set to take place in Salford.

The running club have organised the ‘Salford Road Race’ annually since 2015, but this year’s race is set to be the biggest yet. Competitors from all across the country are gearing up to take part in the run – particularly athletes in the North West of England.

Although there are many semi-professional and professional athletes that take part, the race is open to those with differing abilities, ages and experience. Taking place just a stone’s throw away from Drinkwater Park, the race is sure to be a great community event.

Being 10 km in length (6.2 miles), the race course is round, with long straight stretches most notably on Littleton Road and Langley Road.

All runners will receive a commemorative prize upon finishing the race, with cash prizes given to those who finish in the top three, and an extra bonus to anyone who breaks the course record. The current men and women’s record are both currently held by Salford residents, Dave Lewis at 29 minutes and 32 seconds and Lauren Howarth, at 32 minutes and 33 seconds respectively.

This year will be Zoe Lynch-Moore’s first year participating despite watching the race in previous years. She says it is “a great introductory event for those that want to get into running and could and should be a bigger part of the Salford community”

Zoe lived in Salford for many years until last year, when she moved to central Manchester.

She said: “I’m really excited to run. I’ve got friends and family who are coming and I have mates that are planning on running as well. I don’t think I’ll break records or anything like that but I think I’ll do fine.”

The race will take place on Good Friday, which is April 19 this year, for more information sign up here.

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