The University of Salford’s Eco Africa Society hard at work at the ‘Hackathon’.

Computer experts at the University of Salford are building a virtual platform to solve the world’s environmental problems in an ‘ECO Hackathon’ event.

The ‘Hackathon’, which is taking place from March 26 and 27 at the University’s Clifford Whitworth Library, sees developers from the University’s Eco Africa Society coming together to create the first ever digital ECO system that maps out all of the environmental problems in the world.

This visual representation will therefore enable people to have their say with regards to how these can be solved.

Samuel Obeghe, leader of the event, came up with the premise behind the ‘Hackathon’ due to the worrying effects of climate change, as well as the environmental disasters that are happening in Africa. He said:

“A lot of people are not seeing that our environment is dilapidated, and especially in communities where poverty is really high. We’re only focused on getting ourselves into organisations and getting jobs and getting paid. Where are you going to use that money if the Earth is destroyed?”

Sam Obeghe, leader of The University of Salford’s ‘Hackathon’. Credit – Kalendra Withanaarachchi

In speaking about what he hopes to achieve at the end of the ‘Hackathon’, Mr Obedge added: “At the end of the day, we want the students to make sure that they really enjoy themselves, but also gain the experience and skills of actually collaborating with each other to create a solution to a problem.”

Credit – Chloe McLaughlin 

Credit – Kalendra Withanaarachchi

Vincent Boardman, one of the developers at the event said: “This is what the hack is, this is what the hack is all about, it’s about getting developers to come together to build software applications to benefit Eco Africa.”

Mr Obeghe has also announced his intention to have more of these ‘Hackathon’ events in the future. He said: “I would not stop until people start working in organisations where they can both look after their community and do something for the environment.”

The ‘Hackathon’ itself is part of a wider two-day summit that is taking place at Chapman Building at The University of Salford. It is anticipated that 50 developers, 200 ambassadors and 30 partners will be taking part in this event.

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