The Kings Arms pub is hosting another ‘Folk Friday’ this weekend, featuring The Mather Robinson Band. 

The event does not need to be booked, and takes place every month at the classic Salford pub located on Bloom Street.

Hosted in the knitting room, the show is completely free and welcomes all Salford residents for “Good music, good beer, good times!”

The Kings Arms is known not only for its musical nights as it hosts an array of different events, such as a stand up comedy workshop as well as sacred harp singing.

The pub even acts as a theatre as well as an ale house, showing short plays such as the Decriminalization Monologue.

The Mather Robinson band was formed in 2013 and perform all original tracks, their main influences their “Mams n Dads!” and describe their hobbies as “Gambling and drinking”.

Two members of the band, Dave Mather and Pete Robinson are also part of a Manchester based Beatles tribute band.

Bassist Chris Mather is also the co-founder of The Manchester Record Label and is lead vocalist and guitarist of up and coming act “Kingdom Lost”.

The band have two albums available on Spotify called In Time and Carousel for Fools.

The event begins at 8pm and will end at 10.15pm.


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