A stage version of the iconic British film ‘Rita, Sue and Bob Too’ is set to arrive at The Lowry Theatre.

The play follows the story of two teenage girls- Rita and Sue who live on a council estate in Bradford who both embark on a fling with Bob, a married man.

The 1987 film version featured Lancashire born actresses such as Michelle Holmes and Siobhan Finneran as the main two roles. The stage version features Alyce Liburd as Rita with award-winning actress Gemma Dobson taking on the role of Sue.


Actress Susan Mitchell, who plays the character of Mum said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. It’s quite different to the film in places. The thing about the play is it goes into such depth of human emotions and it’s done in a very humorous way, it’s very clever. It really has some dark sides to it that I hope we have brought out in this production.”

Theatre company Out Of Joint have been on tour with this production since 2017. Speaking about the company, Susan Mitchell, whose previous credits include Coronation Street and Emmerdale commented: “They are just one of the best companies you could ever work for. The first scene needs some care and the company are brilliant for that.”

Being a Northern actress herself, she said: “It’s up there with your Northern stories like Kes and Brassed Off. People can really identify with it.

“I come from a working class background and I’m actually of the age that Rita and Sue were so when we were in rehearsal, I would tell the girls about that era.”

Talking about her character of Mum, she stated: “I absolutely love her. I’m the mum of a teenager anyway but when you first read her, you think she’s a bit of a shouty mum but she really has got it nailed, she’s the backbone and she’s strong, she really loves her family. Above anything she wants everything for Sue, she wants her to have so much more than she had.”

Rita, Sue and Bob too will be on at The Lowry theatre from the 9th-13th April.

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