Coronation Street star Christine Mackie has written her own play, which will be shown at Hope Aria Theatre as part of Greater Manchester Fringe.

Corrie star Mackie has written the play ‘Best Girl’ about losing her veteran father to suicide – and she will be played by her daughter Lois.

The semi-autobiographical drama will be premiered at the new Hope Aria Theatre, as part of Greater Manchester Fringe in July, before it goes on to Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Mackie, who plays Dr Susan Gaddas on the cobbles, said: “Lois had the opportunity to do a scratch night and I wrote the piece for her. It is based on my life experience as a kid but updated to present day Manchester. It is about what happens to the child of a veteran.

“Everybody is very familiar with the problems that veterans face, the experiences they have when they have served, and when they come back. But this is what happens to the generation after and it is much funnier than it sounds.”

Lois, who performed in the all-female Romeo and Juliet at Hope Mill last year as Lady Capulet, said: “It sounds like it is going to be sad, but it is fairly uplifting.”

Best Girl will show at the theatre July 18-20 at 7pm, with a matinée at 3pm on Saturday, 20 July.

Christine and Lois are currently crowd funding on Go Fund Me to help fund  the tour, with a percentage of ticket sales going to Firstlight Trust and YoungMinds, which are mental health charities for veterans and children.

Another act called Drowning in Silence is going to take place in the Salford Arts Theatre on 24-26 July.

Roni Ellis directs the act, and the play stars Emily Cox and Libby Hall, who won the award as Best Newcomer at Best Ensemble at GMFringe awards 2018.

Roni Ellis will be on Jill Bowyer’s show on Salford City Radio at 4pm-5pm on April 30 to talk about about the play.

There are many more acts included in the Greater Manchester Fringe, and further details and tickets will be released on May 1.

Credits: The video has been provided by the Manchester Fringe. Main image from Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.

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