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By Juanele Villanueva

As incidents of fly-tipping fall in Salford, some residents believe that they must unite to keep it that way.

David Birchall, from Langworthy, has tried to recover some community spirit.

“People will look after their area when they feel themselves part of it.

“What once was a lively area full of pub and shops is now becoming a dormitory area, with houses of multiple occupancies (sic). These tenants are of a transient nature and therefore no sense of belonging to the area.”

information sourced from DEFRA
Statistics about waste in the UK


In a short trip around Salford, there were bin containers overflowing, littering on the pavement and small acts of fly-tipping.

According to the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in Salford, the amount of household waste collected has decreased around 5kg per person in the last years.

Danielle Wright, 22, has set up a litter picking group. She said that in Salford, non-recyclable bins used to be collected every two weeks, before shifting to three weeks more recently.

“People just want more general bins collections. They think they change to three weeks collection to save money (sic).

“But also people need to be more responsible. In Salford, for example, recycling bins are free to order, and many people don’t know that”.

A spokeswoman from Salford City Council says they reduce the general collection, but they put one more container for recycling.

The collectors won’t empty bins with the wrong items in or overflowing with an open lid.

“We need more education. We need to know how the collection system works.”

The City Council launched a communication campaign to inform the people what they should do with their rubbish, and they try many different approaches.

“We are looking many inventive ways to get this message out. A lot of people got the idea”.

According to a report from Dsposal, a technology company which connects companies to licensed waste services, Salford is the only borough were the incidents on waste crime has been reduced since 2013.

A fly-tipping amnesty was suggested by Green Party candidate Wendy Olsen last December.

Councillor David Lancaster MBE, of Salford City Council, said

“I am delighted that fly-tipping incidents have fallen in Salford. With tight budgets we have been creative about how we use our resources, training our street cleaning and refuse collection teams to report fly tipping and gather evidence to help prosecute both individuals and companies who spoil our streets and countryside.”

You can report fly-tipping directly on the Salford City Council website here, or ring the council’s environmental services department on 0161 793 2500.

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