The Save the Victoria Theatre group is due to have its first consultation with stakeholders about possible restoration work beginning in January 2020.

Campaigner Sam Kelly  said the group had taken a huge step forward in its bid to re-open the theatre.

She said: “We are hoping to have a final report which will start the restoration works in January 2020.

“We want to open it as a receiving house for touring shows and hopefully that will subsidise the community-led activities.”

In 2012, the group was put together to save the theatre, which was built in 1899.

The building has been home for many different companies, including a cinema in 1913 and a bingo hall in 1973.

Some of the stakeholders of the theatre include Keri Muldoon, who works with communities in the Lower Broughton area and the Heritage Officer from the council.

Save the Victoria Theatre group hopes to use the theatre to encourage Salford people to get involved in performing arts and creative arts.

Credit – Save Salford Theatre Trust

Ms Kelly added: “What would be nice is that the Victoria Theatre could be a  meeting point for the new and the old communities.

“We are imagining it as a cultural hub and we want to hear what people want from the theatre when the restoration goes ahead.”

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