Bat walk Peel Park

Nature volunteers lead educational bat walk through Peel Park last week.

Adults and children were given bat detectors during the walk on Friday 4 October around Peel Park and The Meadows in Salford.

Laura Calvin, Salford Council volunteer, said: “Some bat species are endangered and they are protected. 

“That’s why Peel Park and The Meadows are protected because of certain species.”

“The more educated people are, the more they want to protect something.”

Salford does not have any nature conservation sites of international importance, however there are a number of conservation sites known locally.

One of the local reserves includes the Green Flag Award-winning Peel Park.

These include the sites of biological importance, local nature reserves and sites supporting priority habitats. 

Credit- Andra Brasovanu
Peel Park bridge crossing over to The Meadows

Photo credit: Andra Brasovanu

The Neighbourhood Park recently created a bat walk event, which aims to help and protect the endangered bats.