Saturday October 12 marks national album day, so why not take the opportunity to enjoy the best that our home-grown musicians have to offer.

From the Happy Mondays to Joy Division here is a list of some of the most iconic albums made by Salfordians.

Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division

Unknown Pleasures is one of the most iconic albums to come out of Salford, with musicians Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner both hailing from Salford. The album was released by the band in 1979 and recently celebrated it’s 40th birthday. Unknown Pleasures is the only album released by the band during front man Ian Curtis’ lifetime. The album has been considered as one of the best albums ever made by publications such as NME and Select and Spin. Unknown Pleasures was released by Factory Records an independent record label owned by Salfordian Tony Wilson.

Power Corruption and Lies – New Order

Power Corruption and Lies is the second studio album to be released by electro-post-punk band New Order. The band was formed by remaining members of Joy Division in 1980 after the suicide of Ian Curtis. The album was welcomed with critical acclaim upon it’s release in 1983 and has been included in the top 100 albums of the 80s lists by both Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Power Corruption and Lies was also released by Factory Records an independent record label owned by Salfordian Tony Wilson.

The Frenz Experiment – The Fall

The Frenz Experiment is the tenth studio album by The Fall and features Salford born Mark.E.Smith on lead vocals. This album was the first of the band’s albums to reach the Top 20 when it reached number 19 in the UK charts. Throughout the band’s existence Mark.E.Smith remained the only constant member of The Fall. From 1979 to 2017 the band released thirty two studio albums, not including live albums and compilations which then triples this number. The death of front man Mark.E.Smith in 2018 ultimately put an end to the band.

The Charlatans – The Charlatans

The Charlatans is the fourth album released by indie rockers The Charlatans. Front man Tim Burgess was born in Salford however moved to Cheshire where he joined the band. The album was released during the infamous Madchester era and went straight to the top of the charts in 1995, the year of its release. The Charlatans still tour and can be regularly found on festival line ups. The band recently joined Manchester legends James on a nationwide tour.

Pills ‘N’ Thrills And Bellyaches – The Happy Mondays

Pills ‘N’ Thrills And Bellyaches is the third studio album by The Happy Mondays. The album, released in 1990 by Factory Records, incorporates a large influence of dance music which sets it aside from the bands other albums. Pills ‘N’ Thrills and Bellyaches is considered to be one of the most recognised albums from the Madchester era, alongside the Stone Roses’ self titled debut album. Both front man Sean Ryder and drummer Gary Whelan as well as dancer Mark ‘Bez’ Berry hail from Salford. Tracks from this iconic album are still performed by the band who are no strangers to touring.

Hollies – The Hollies

The Hollies’ 1974 release, Hollies was the first album released by the band after the return of Allan Clarke after his departure to pursue a solo career. Hall of Fame inductee and frontman of The Hollies hails from Salford and has enjoyed 30 UK chart singles with the band, 17 of which also made the top 10. The band last toured in 2013 as part of the Hollies 50th Anniversary Concert tour, which included over 60 concerts.

Image credit: Steve Snodgrass via Flickr

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