On the 6th October, Salford Charity Kidscan hosted ‘Kapow!’ a giant inflatable 5k obstacle course at Heaton Park in order to raise money towards cancer research in the UK.

Salford based cancer research facility and charity ‘Kidscan’ accompanied by ‘M&S heroes’, soared through the day whilst dressed as superheroes.

They aimed to raise money and awareness towards the long term effects of cancer on young children.

Siobhan Connelly Curley, a Kidscan representative explained why the charity focuses on children’s cancer and the significance of their research.

“Kidscan have raised over 1.5 million pounds towards children’s cancer research since 2002. We find safer treatments for children so they just don’t survive, they thrive as a lot of treatments for children’s cancer give them late effects such as hearing and fertility issues.”




Throughout the day hundreds of participants came to give the obstacles a go. The course featured a range of different obstacles and pieces ranging from a foam pit, a high slide and a total ninja based assault course.


Kapow Obstacle Course

People from all over the globe attended the event. Esperanza Salinas, originally from Spain, has traveled to Salford and volunteered to help kidscan at the event. She said; “I love the event,I love being here.The colours are amazing.”

She also added:

“I volunteered in April and have gotten closer every month, because I am very concerned about the children’s cancer and now I am discovering the way the cancer affects the children and I am very happy to help in my time.”

Kidscan are partnered with the University of Salford and have worked on a way of synthesizing a new drug that helps Healthy cells take charge of cancer cells.

One of the most recent scientists volunteering for the organisation, Luhaib Abboob, explained why she decided to partner for the cause. She said:

“I joined this organisation a week ago, I’m a researcher in the biomedical field and I wanted to boost my skills, I chose this organisation as it’s a scientific organisation with great information. I try to help as this disease is not easy for anyone especially the kids.”


One of the participants named Rachael, running for Kidscan, said:

“we’ve climbed over inflatable slides trudged through muck and got very wet and dirty over that 5k course and I feel great. We all feel amazing. The atmosphere was amazing”

Kapow Splat! Foam course

If you’d like to find out more about the research Kidscan are involved with or want to get involved, check out their website down below!


All photos credited to Benjamin Stacey

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