Salford’s Working Class Movement Library (WCML) is paying tribute to sculptor Arthur Dooley at 2pm on Wednesday October 9.

The talk, led by Bob Gaunt, will be the first in the WCML’s new series named Invisible Histories celebrating the works of Arthur Dooley and his 90th birthday which was earlier this year.

Arthur Dooley was a 20th century sculptor known for using bronze or scrap metal, mainly for religious works, many of which are showcased in Liverpool.

The WCML is in possession of a proposed model monument dedicated to the so-called Manchester Martyrs: William Allen, Michael Larkin and Michael O’Brien. The piece was commissioned by the Manchester branch of the Connolly Association.



Working Class Movement Library
Credit: Richerman at English Wikipedia. Working Class Movement Library

Entry to he Bob Gaunt talk ‘Arthur Dooley: his place in post-war British art history’ is free.


Feature image credit: Barbara Carr

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