A professional training service has encouraged a domestic violence disclosure scheme in memory of a Salford mum.

36-year-old Clare Wood was strangled and burnt to death by her partner in February 2002.

Championed by Clare’s father, Clare’s Law, will allow police to disclose information about a partner’s previous history of domestic violence or violent acts.

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Trafford Domestic Abuse Services, aim to raise awareness of the impacts domestic abuse has on victims and families in Manchester.

TDAS associate Vanessa Gilliland, describes training as a “safe place” for practitioners to ask questions and develop their knowledge.

The session encourages people to take advantage of Clare’s Law, which has already had 19,000 anonymous disclosures since being launched in 2012.

Methods of highlighting the realities of domestic abuse included a video clip of a women reflecting on her experiences of domestic violence.

Specialist trainers, Carol Nesbitt and Vanessa Gilliland dedicate their time by holding training sessions to improve practitioners’ knowledge of how to reassure a victim of domestic abuse.

The group participate in activities such as voicing how to recognise signs of abuse, processes for seeking help and recognising different helplines available for support.

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Mrs Nesbitt, a physiotherapist who has worked in domestic abuse for over fifteen years, explained: “Sometimes people make an assumption that if they were in that situation they would just leave, but there is so much more to it”.

Incidents of domestic abuse in Salford were recorded at 19,891 between August 2009 and July 2012.

TDAS, previously known as Trafford Women’s Aid launched in 1994, have received a significant amount of funding to help them launch different programmes to improve their ability to support those affected.

These include ‘The True Colours programme‘, ‘The Back To Me programme’, ‘The Healing Hearts women’s group’ and the ‘The Supporting change service’.

Their most recent achievement being confirmed finalists in this year’s Children and Young People’s Awards, due to their two programmes, RSpace and SPEAK OUT SPEAK NOW, dedicated to children and young people ages five to eighteen.

The winner of the awards will be announced on Thursday 28th November 2019.

In 2018, The charity were also one in three chosen by residents of Manchester to be Intu Trafford Centre’s Fountain Fund partners.

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They currently have offices in Talbot Road, and hold weekly training sessions from Stretford Sports Village.

Mrs Nesbitt confirmed the training has hundreds of visitors from all parts of the UK.

Map-Laura Burns

Photo taken by Laura Burns

Volunteering for TDAS for over a year, Mrs Gilliland expressed how she loves meeting new people from Salford and working alongside them to tackle the issue.

Vanessa Gilliland, TDAS volunteer

Trafford Domestic Abuse Services continue to maintain partnerships with public, private and voluntary organisations

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