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In a speech that formally opened Parliament on Monday the Queen proposed a new rail reform plan that will improve travel across Salford and the UK.

Her Majesty’s statement at the Houses of Parliament, set out the government’s agendas for the year ahead, which included a revamped national infrastructure strategy.

And, if Prime Minister Boris Johnson wins a majority in a potential General Election, Salford would benefit from the proposals, with one of the laws being a national infrastructure plan, which could resolve travel disruption for commuters.

In her speech, the Queen said:

“To ensure that the benefits of a prospering economy reach every corner of the United Kingdom, my ministers will bring forward a National Infrastructure Strategy.

“This will set out a long-term vision to improve the nation’s digital, transport and energy infrastructure.”

Salford Crescent Train Station. Credit: Alastair Hancock
Salford Crescent Train Station. Credit: Alastair Hancock








“New legislation will help accelerate the delivery of fast, reliable and secure broadband networks to millions of homes.

“An aviation bill will provide for the effective and efficient management of the United Kingdom’s airspace Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill. Proposals on railway reform will be brought forward.”

Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by the Prince of Wales, delivers the Queen’s Speech during the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster in London. Credit: Press Association.

According to the Northern Fail app, which records live and historic statistics on cancellations across the Northern Rail network, 139 trains were cancelled across the past weekend, effecting Salford Crescent rail lines.

Northern Fail logo. Credit: Alastair Hancock

In the past week, there were a total of 197 cancellations with statistics revealing a significant rise on Saturday and Sunday.

Source: Northern Fail

But, the proposed reforms to the rail network system are designed to create a fairer, more reliable system.

It is expected to call for an overhaul of the current franchising system, which has been in place since the 1990s.

One option reportedly being discussed is the ‘concession model’, which would see private companies being contracted to run the train lines, with local authorities setting fares and timetables.

And this will come as welcome news for the people of Salford, who have experienced disruption to their train services over the past year.

One local commuter said: “It does need to change. There’s so many cancellations and delays so it certainly needs a reform.”

Another Salford passenger commented: “Anything that improves times, frequency and availability is a good thing.”

Although the Queen’s Speech failed to detail the legislation on rail reforms, her Majesty promised to publish a White Paper on the ongoing Williams Review’s recommendations on the future of the railway later this autumn, and then start implementing reforms from 2020.



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