START and the Salford Red Devils Foundation have teamed up with Primary school children to create a comic book that explores both mental and physical health among children.

A workshop was held to demonstrate how ‘The Adventures of Captain Confidence’ can help with young peoples self esteem and confidence. The workshop was largely attended by professionals who work with young children.

Image Credit: Takudzwa Mudiwa

Christine Cooper, Freelance Artist for Mental Health charity START, said:

“Captain Confidence is what you call on when you need to be more than you are. It’s that inner bit of yourself that makes you more self-assured.”

As part of her volunteer work, Ms Cooper organizes workshops and activities for young people to show what Captain Confidence teaches.

Participants of the workshops can expect a reading of ‘The Adventures of Captain Confidence’ from both herself and the children in the workshop. After this the children are invited to fill out a work booklet and partake in activities such as making a well-being shield and a mask.

These activities intend to teach children what to share online and how to look after their well-being.

Joanne Shephard, Health Manager for the Salford Red Devils Foundation, collaborated with START after being told by numerous teachers that there is an issue with mental health among young children.
Ms Shepard said:

“Working in partnership with START meant we were able to access their knowledge and expertise around the mental health side of stuff and we lead on the practical element.”

The project is funded by Salford CCG and Salford CVS.

Salford CCG has been given three million pounds over three years to help fund various projects including Captain Confidence. The current funding is due to end in 2020.

Hannah Barton, Impact Evaluation Worker for  Salford CVS said:

“It has been fantastic to see the project come to life with the pupils designing a comic in which Captain Confidence takes on personas that help them overcome challenges they face.

“71% of children that have engaged with the programme reported feeling more confident. This is a fantastic outcome and we are looking forward to seeing how the project develops over the next 12 months and seeing the impact this has on children’s daily lives.”

Image Credit: Takudzwa Mudiwa

Despite ‘The Adventures of Captain Confidence’ being aimed at young children, adults can also  gain a boost of confidence from the comic.
Jane Hamilton, local Councillor, who was in attendance on behalf of the mayor said:
“It’s put me back in touch with me and I’ve already done a lot of work on my inner child.”

Ms Hamilton also added:
“I will personally back it and I’m sure the mayor will. This will grow and grow through adults, children, older children and exam time.”


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