A business park in Salford has teamed up with homeless charity, Emmaus, to create affordable themed lunches for staff.

Cafe on the Quay, the main restaurant of the Exchange Quay business park, home to several business outlets, have teamed up with the charity to help give something back to the community.

The charity sign was on display for all to see.

The restaurant have vowed to host different themed lunches every few months as a way of getting more customers in, making food more affordable and a way of giving donations to a worthwhile charity.

Matt Johnson has managed the cafe for over two years and feels a sense of pride that the park is helping out the community by doing something towards a charity.

All hot dogs came with a free beer.

“We feel it gives us a good connection to the community and we want to see Salford businesses linking up with community projects. We want to give something back, we have thousands of staff across the park and we wanted them to get involved.

“The idea benefits everyone, we give something back to the charity, the food is cheaper and different to the everyday menu, and we get more customers in than a usual day, it’s a win win.”

Matt says the park decided to team up with Emmaus over other charities due to major problem of homelessness around Salford and it was important businesses were seen to be helping.

“There were lots of charities of course but we felt a homeless one would be best fit.

“We were staggered to learn Salford has a higher level of rough sleepers than Manchester. When you think of it like that, it really opens your eyes and we felt we had to do something to contribute.

Fraser MacDonald is a staff member at Sage, one of the many businesses within the park and has welcomed the new lunch themes.

A customer waits for his food.

It just makes a difference from the normal everyday sandwich, it’s good food and it’s affordable and the money is going to a good cause, I think it’s a great idea.


“There’s just that novelty of having a beer at lunch too, it’s great to see so many people in here, just having a laugh and some good food. For £2 you can’t argue and I’m sure a lot of money has been raised.

Sage staff enjoy there a hot dog and a beer.

Fraser also welcomed the aim of a homeless charity being being the target, something that sometimes seems a world away from the enclosed grounds of the exchange.

“Sometimes I feel this side of Salford is like a different world, I’m guilty as many others are forgetting that on the other side of the city, things aren’t as good.

Staff sit down for lunch.

“Around here and Media city all you see are tall office blocks and high end flats, there’s a huge problem at the other end and we need to help.”

The cafe have vowed to continue to do cheap, themed lunches and work closely with Emmaus to tackle the homeless problem.

Thursday saw the theme of Oktoberfest, with a German hot dog and chips available to staff for as little as £2 with a free bottle of bear and Matt already has ideas for the next events.

“We’ll look at something again around Christmas time, maybe a cheap Christmas Dinner or we were thinking of Yorkshire pudding wraps, a Christmas themed drink, get everyone involved and hopefully we’ll raise even more.

We enjoy doing it, I certainly think the staff enjoy it and at the end of the day we are raising a lot of money for what is a obvious problem in the city.

Emmaus are a ever growing charity and are committed to helping tackle homelessness around Salford and other areas of the UK. You can donate here.



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