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Friends of Lightoaks Park hosted a fungi walk with Discover the Wild’s fungi expert, Dave Winnard.

During the tour, Mr Winnard analysed the different species within the fungi kingdom, discussing the importance, and detriment, of each fungus to Lightoaks Park.

Darren Miller, 49, who volunteers with Friends of Lightoaks Park, discussed the importance of the event, saying: “It’s about making people, specifically young people, aware what the planet is and what the country side involves…It’s bringing that education and community environment into people’s public realms.

“We’re extremely lucky to have this park on our door stop and I’m a bit of a softy but it’s beautiful. You look up at the canopy, look at the leaves and the trees and you see something different every time, and, it’s just a nice place to be, a nice place to walk about; nice people to be with. It’s just positive.”


For almost four years, Friends of Lightoaks Park have been helping maintain the park’s beauty, and have hosted an array of events to help collect donations.

Mr Miller added: “We formed the group with the reason to be a community, to be friends, so we’ve got the Friends of Lightoaks Park, we’ve obviously got loads of donations and the council are a partner.

“We’ve gotten so far with volunteers like Cat who’s been fundamental at getting donations in and so on, John, who is currently manning the kiosk, who’s a great guy and family is beautiful, and so this is it, this is what we do.”


On December 8, the group will host the Lightoaks Park Christmas Cracker, where there will be a Santa’s Grotto, mulled wine, mince pies, carols and much more.

To hear more from Miller about The Friends of Lightoaks Park, click below:

Image Gallery credit: Mair Llewellyn.

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