A comedy show inclusive to those who suffer with hearing loss has come to Salford.

The award-winning Deaf Comedy Fam premiered at the Lowry theatre on Sunday.

The show, which was debuted at the Glasgow international Comedy Festival, is performed in English and British Sign Language simultaneously.

Ray Bradshaw, who was born to deaf parents, has previously been nominated for Scottish comedian of the year twice.

Sign language was his first language.

Talking to iNews, Mr Bradshaw explained “I remember being in the playground at five or six years old and signing to the other kids and they didn’t sign back, I just thought they were dead stupid.

“Most of all, what I really want from the show is for deaf people and hearing people to enjoy the show together.”

Mr Bradshaw has many achievements, such as winning the Adelaide Fringe Weekly Innovation Award 2018, the Scottish Culture Award 2018, and the Scottish Comedy Award 2018 for Best Show and Outstanding Achievement.

The show will be the first ever comedy which is signed and spoken by the actual comic in live time, yet Mr Bradshaw explained how he “was so worried, I thought it was going to be a disaster, because no-one had ever done it and it’s mentally draining – but actually it went really well.”



Reviews of the show describe it as being “captivating, funny and sharply executed” as it “takes stand-up comedy into a new realm.”

Image Credit: Nicholas Brien

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