Students from The University of Salford Ghanaian society are raising £10,000 to fund ‘The Better Education Project’, in partnership with DstinationGhana, by December 2019.

The project will be a result of supplying 220 new desks for children in two schools in Ghana – Kalvio Primary School, Chiana and Trinity Presby School, Koforidua.

The initiative comes as a result of diaspora Salford students seeing a gap in the education system in their homeland and wanting to create a better learning environment for Ghanaian children.

Former President of the University of Salford Students Union, Kobby Ofori, is a part of the foundation of this project and expressed why they chose to help children in Ghana; “Education is a right for every child in Ghana but there’s a lot of difficulty for people to access quality education, we cannot sit on the sidelines.”

The Salford Ghanaian students teamed up with the Ghanaian societies from The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University to help raise enough money to support children back in their native country.

Sharon Nunoo, the president of The University of Manchester Ghanaian Society, has said that she feels really special, “to support deprived communities back in our home country Ghana.”

The Ghana High Commission has praised the Ghanaian societies around Manchester stating that: “This initiative by Dstination Ghana, the Ghanaian student societies in Manchester and other individual falls in line with the government of Ghana’s “Year of Return” drive.

“The volunteering bit is a game changer. Kudos to all those behind this.”

In line with “The Better Education Project” the Ghanaian students will also be partaking in DstinationGhana, a programme that will take the Salford and Manchester students back to Ghana to experience their culture and history.

For many of the Salford students this will be their first time in their native country and see it as a chance to understand their background more.

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the American Slave Trade, entitled as “The Year of Return” by the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

This celebration encourages diasporas to come back to Ghana and to resettle in the motherland.

The President of Salford Universities Ghanaian society, Andrew Bonsu said, “It is a great opportunity for us Salford Ghanaian students to go back home and learn our history and culture.”

The students will be heading to Ghana on the 20th December for a 2 week journey through their motherland.

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