A group of Salford animators is trying to raise £25,000 to create an animated comedy series in the hopes it will be picked up by Netflix.

The group has created a Kickstarter campaign to create a pilot for their show entitled ‘Big Fight 3.’

‘Big Fight 3’ follows the first crew of astronauts as they explore another planet that is alien to earth, and will follow the difficulties they face along the way.

As one of the crew members goes rogue, the comedy also tackles themes of greed, vanity and resistance.

The inspiration for the project came from human’s fascination with space.


The series is aimed at individuals from the age of 15 to 50 and vows to provide action, comedy, and have charm throughout.

More than 50 artists from The University of Salford are part of the project.

Co-creator Adam Frith said: “We’ve got the talent here at Salford I believe and that money would give us the extra boost to enable people to put all their focus and effort into the project.

“The money also allows us to attract big-name talent and will help to propel the show to where it needs to be for when we speak to companies like Netflix.”



The prospect of Netflix has been helped by the interest of script writer Andrew Burrell who is a writer on Simpson creator Matt Groening’s Netflix show, ‘Disenchantment.’ #

Mr Burrell supports the Big Fight 3 project and has told the group so.

James Lawson, the storyboard artist and director of Big Fight 3, said: “Adam reached out to Andrew Burrell who really liked the script and has said that if a pilot is made, he would consider being a part of the project.

“That could be a big step for us towards Netflix which would be an amazing opportunity for all of us.”

Big Fight 3- Kickstarter Poster
Credit- Adam Frith

All of those involved are thoroughly excited about the prospect of the show and its potential.

The University of Salford has been an integral part of the development of Big Fight 3. Mr Frith, now in his third year, said: “The course at Salford has been massively helpful. The industry links are really good and we’ve developed and improved as animators at a very fast rate.”

Click Here to help Big fight 3 in its galactic mission to our television screens by donating to the Kickstarter.

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