A charity based in Little Hulton is appealing for donations of second hand furniture to help deprived people in Salford. 

Mustard Tree, a charity that was set up 25 years ago, has asked on social media for donations in order to help people in surrounding areas.

Between July 2018 and June 2019, 6,100 people in Salford were unemployed and since 2013, there has been a 72% increase in the amount of people that declare themselves as homeless. 

Aileen Edmunds, Head of Development at Mustard Tree, said: “We have multiple hubs across Salford and Manchester. They operate as a charity shop and a learning space for people to learn skills. We also sell furniture to help raise money for the work that we do. 

“What we are all about is creating opportunities for people who may not have had them before. We’re all about how people can learn more skills and hopefully find a job.”

The charity has three main locations in Greater Manchester- Eccles, Little Hulton and Ancoats. 

They help people who have come from a range of backgrounds, if they’ve been in prison, gone through domestic abuse or have generally had a down point in their life. 

Aileen Edmunds said that a pre-loved piece of furniture such as a wardrobe, bed or dining table can help Mustard Tree achieve their goal of combating poverty and homelessness. 

Credit Andra Brasovanu

As well as asking for donations, they hold workshops where they help to improve people’s skills in order to go into employment and achieve their goals. 

The charity works with over 4,000 people every year and Since April this year 20 people’s lives have turned for the better by being able to get a job through the help from Mustard Tree. 

If anyone wishes to donated any unwanted items can visit the website https://mustardtree.org.uk/ or call 0161 2287331. Furniture collection can be arranged.

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