week 53

Three refreshing musicals will be shown at The Lowry, Salford as a part of Rewrites: SHOOTS Scratch Night this Friday.

SHOOTS is an evening devoted to the development of ideas and is a chance for local artists to put early work in front of an audience.

The Lowry is supporting up and coming writers by giving them the chance to showcase their musical theatre.

The Lowry said: “It’s about throwing an idea at the wall and seeing if it sticks; it’s about now rather than never; it’s about the spit, without the polish.”


This installment of SHOOTS will be part of The Lowry’s Musical Rewrites Festival 2019, a programme of work celebrating new UK musicals in development now.

It is giving you the chance to witness the musical hits of the possible future and the ticket price is all down to you, you decide what to pay.

Here is what you will have the chance to see…

A Bigoted Woman written by Gemma Whiteley, Paul Worrall, Julie Edwards. This musical will take ironic an look at the fractured state of British politics and where it all begun.

Entirely set in the kitchen of the Rochdale resident Gordan Brown referred to as a bigoted woman during the 2010 election campaign.

An original musical comedy is also on the cards, Candidates by Gus Gowland, includes contemporary electro-pop with a satirical bite.

Two candidates in a modern high school election find themselves competing for each other’s hearts, as well as the class presidency.

Finally, Depression: The musical by Alison Wilson and Ciara Tansey, celebrates all things sad, lonely and tragic. Alison and Ciara are theatre makers based in Manchester.

There is an opportunity at the end of the showcase for post-presentation feedback, creating the chance to voice your ideas and thoughts of the scratched-up musicals.

The evening at The Lowry will continue with Leo and Hyde’s award winning musical The Marriage of Kim K at 8pm with tickets from £10.


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