As the colder months are fast approaching, the advertising of vaccinations and trying to stop people from spreading and catching germs are in the loop. Prevention is on the top list for all health services this winter, with action to help to cut queues in surgeries, drop-in centres and A&E. 

MMR is a vaccination available free on the NHS for babies, teens and women who are wanting to get pregnant.  

Additionally, the vaccine prevents people from getting measles, mumps and rubella which is what ‘MMR’ stands for. In a recent tweet by Salford CCG, they reminded people of getting the MMR vaccine for the most ‘vulnerable’. 

In the 2018/19 figures, 91.4% of under 24 month-old babies received the MMR vaccine in Salford (Source: Childhood Vaccination Statistics). Furthermore, preschoolers are also a main target demographic for the MMR vaccination, with 96.7% of 5-year-old children receiving the injection. Importantly, this is over the 95% desired average mark. 

Consistently, Salford’s statistics prove to be below the national average mark for under 24 month-old babies. There may be a strong correlation between these particular statistics. There is a positive demographic of 5-year-olds reaching above the national average mark. This can be considered that parents prefer to have their children vaccinated before they start school.

A mother of two from Salford stated that ‘Both of my children have had all of their routine vaccines on schedule are fine and healthy’.

All health services within Salford offer advice and guidance with any issues regarding the MMR vaccine. Likewise, there are also alternatives like 111 and the NHS website.



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