Transgender Day of Remembrance is approaching and the people of Salford are holding a vigil to remember those we have lost to transphobia. On November 20th, Salford Proud have organised an assembly outside University House at the Salford University campus at 5.30pm.



The university has a welfare officer, a trans and non-binary officer, gender-neutral bathrooms and an LGBT society. There are also many events held throughout the year to ensure LGBT members have a safe space where they celebrate their pride with likeminded people.

Manchester is famously known as a supportive place to the LGBTQ+ community and Salford have worked hard to be part of it too. Salford Council flies  a trans flag outside the Civic Centre to show support to the community during Trans Awareness Week.



LGBTQ+ awareness and support is very important to the community. Over the past year, 52% of LGBT say they’ve experienced depression, one in eight (aged 18-24) say they’ve attempted to take their own life, 64% of the trans community have considered suicide and 41% of non-binary people said they have harmed themselves.


How Salford is aiding Transgender Awareness Week


If you or someone you know in the LGBT community may be struggling, the University of Salford has a Welfare Officer who you can contact via for support. Students at the University can contact the askUS Wellbeing team via 0161 295 0023, option 1, option 1 or email


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