The A666 Bolton Road bus lane is to be given the go ahead on 27th November (Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton) with works set to commence in February 2020.

Image by Holly Pritchard. A666 Bolton Road.

The original proposal caused objection amongst local people, particularly those living along that stretch. Paul Brighouse, a resident concerned about the possible congestion of traffic it could cause said: “Even if you put more buses on…car usage is not going to go down.”

However, Cllr Antrobus has said about the bus lane: “We’ve got to improve reliability. It is part of the solution that buses can run as far as possible without delay.”

The project is part of the SBNI (Salford Bolton Networks Improvement) scheme, Package 3, which was included in the list of 12 major transport schemes approved for inclusion in the GM’s 2014 Growth Deal 1.

The contractor will be Eurovia Infrastructure Limited and will cost £1,635,231.79 taken from the GMCA growth fund plus added utility diversions. The lead service group is Urban Vision.

Work is set to start on 03/02/2020 and last until 06/10/2020, taking 36 weeks.

The project has a total funding allocation of £36.9 million which will fund measures spread across Salford and Bolton.

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  1. Mr Stephen Rowson

    You haveing a laugh !!!!! Oviosly none of you NUMPTIES use chorley road , coz if you did you would NEVER , NEVER of aproved this LUDICRAS !!!! Idea . Every one wanting to get to work on time will have to set off 2 hour’s earlia . WHAT A JOKE !!!!

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