Bringing people of all ages together through the spirit of dance, Salford Sports Village is hosting a free inter-generational event. 

The event was held on Saturday, November 16th in aid of the wider and age-friendly, arts and culture project which is focused within Salford.

Samantha Wilson, organiser of the event said: “We are hoping to bring old and young together through dance to create a meaningful and fun opportunity of learning and skill sharing.”

It is an opportunity for older people to be involved in the arts and culture of Salford, with tasters including seated dances making it accessible for everyone.

The event will include performances from competitive dancers of Salford Community Leisure, half of the room will be filled with performances and the other half dance tasters.

Samantha explained: “The dance tasters are led by our head of dance and we want young and old to join in, these will be fun with current popular music plus vintage ’60s, ’70s and 80’s music”.

The event is funded by Ambition for Ageing and the key concept is that it is inter-generational.

Salford is a city that celebrates the role of older people and Ambition for Ageing’s aim in Salford is to become a more ‘age-friendly’ community.

Their vision includes older people being able to find services to keep them healthy and engaged in activities.

The Salford City Mayor said to Age UK: “More people live to their 100th year, it is important that we respond and support our older people. Making Salford age-friendly encourages active ageing and enhances the quality of life as people age.”

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