Earlier this year the Vue Cinema in the Lowry was refurbished and fitted with luxury recliner seats replacing the traditional style of seating that was there before, outshining the comfort of the VIP seats in other venues.

The seats appear to have been a massive hit with many Salford cinema-goers sharing their positive experiences on Twitter:


According to Chris Wilkinson, the manager of the Lowry Vue: “All 7 screens got reclining seats in April and we had one screen with reclining seats in from about December.”

After the renovations, the price per ticket did go up to £7.99 compared to the £4.99 charge of the other venues which are not fitted with the recliners. Despite this, according to Wilkinson: “The price to quality of the seat ratios sort of level it out so people are happier to pay slightly more for a better seat.”

A picture of one of the new recliners
Credit: Lauren Cohen

The new seats are leather and come with plenty of legroom with a table that you can pull over your lap to place the popcorn and drinks you can purchase at The Edit Bar which is another new addition to the cinema.

Wilkinson also stated: “We do about the same business now which is impressive considering that we’ve lost two-thirds of our seating so we went from 1800 seats to about 600.”

The Vue in the Lowry hasn’t been the only cinema fitted with these seats with venues in Bolton and Horwich having them installed as well.

Lowry Vue Cinema opens its doors after renovation

The cinema also boasts of subtitled, audio descriptive and autism-friendly screenings where they have the lights and volume turned down and have no trailers played at the beginning of the movie.

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