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Salford based band members have revealed the inspiration behind their upcoming album.

Metalcore band Lure In who practice in Salford, are currently recording their debut album called ‘Subdued’.

Their music is inspired by the way cult leaders such as Charles Manson used hypnotic music for brainwashing.

Jonny Barker, 20, from Salford, plays bass in the band.

On the new album he said: “It plays with the cult themes we have with the band, to put someone under is to subdue them.

“It’s creepy as hell and we love it.”

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Cameron Wilson, aged 20, is the vocalist who studied at UTC college in Media City, Salford.

On the music, he said: “It’s weird for me to box it into one thing because every song is different and has its own influences.

“There are songs which are the heavy chaotic side and then we have some drum and bass, trap influence.”

They describe some of their biggest influences as Vein, Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Mr Barker said: “We are a metalcore band, in the sense that we are a mixture of metal and hardcore, with elements of interwoven jungle and drum and bass”

On the writing process, Mr Wilson said: “I pretty much just come up with ideas in my bedroom like a little home studio.

“I just write songs and show it to the rest of the guys and then we build on it.”

The five piece band formed in 2018 and since then have played gigs all around Manchester and Liverpool.

Mr Barker said: “Playing live shows is like a really great big release of cathartic energy.”

“It’s positive aggression, I’d say. And it’s always fun when people participate as well.”

‘Subdued’ will be available for streaming and download on Spotify and Apple Music in early 2020.

They also plan to do their first tour in February 2020 to coincide with the album launch.

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