During November, men across the country have adorned their faces with moustaches to show support for the ‘Movember’ movement.

Movember is a charity movement that focuses on men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

They aim to raise awareness on such issues as well as to educate men on how to look after themselves and their friends in order to reduce deaths caused by these issues.

Earlier this month Langworthy Cornerstone advertised an ongoing mens health project in which men can take part in activities such as social lunch clubs, games sessions, a local history group and football games.

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The project supports more than 250 men across Salford.

On November 27, The Curve in Prestwich is hosting a mens health stall from 1pm – 2pm where men can drop in and receive a mini physical health check, take a moustache quiz and also partake in an exercise bike competition with prizes to see who can cycle the furthest in 1 minute.

The stall will also be collecting donations from people attending which will all be given to the Movember foundation.

Stuart Edmondson, who is head of Integrated Healthcare and is leading the fundraising, said: “The money raised will go towards supporting the Movember Foundation who have a number of worldwide projects that raise awareness in respect of men’s health – ultimately increasing insight and understanding so that men can live healthier lifestyles and live longer.”

Of the 6,507 reported suicides in the UK last year, three-quarters were men which has been the case since the 1990s.

Mr Edmondson said:: “It’s so important, men are dying too young and that’s a fact. It is imperative that men start to come forward to talk about their health related problems in order to raise awareness and change the culture of ‘manning up’ for generations to come.”




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