Salford put the spotlight on protecting people from a range of threats to mark Safeguarding Awareness Week.

The annual event focuses on ensuring that vulnerable adults are protected from abuse, exploitation or harm.

The week’s focused on a different issue each day:

  • Monday – Modern Slavery
  • Tuesday – Self Neglect
  • Wednesday – Domestic Abuse
  • Thursday – Ann Craft Trust Conference & My role in Safeguarding
  • Friday- Transforming Care
  • Saturday & Sunday- Safeguarding adults in sport and activity

With more than 100,000 adults being involved in a safeguarding case every year since 2014, the safety of adults continues to be an important concern.

Statistics sourced from

From a set of NHS safeguarding statistics from 2017 to 2018, the NHS has stated that older people are much more likely to be the subject of a safeguarding enquiry with one in every 43 adults aged over 85 and above being involved in a case.

To help out with this vulnerable demographic, Greater Manchester Police has been raising awareness of the importance of The Herbert Protocol for people suffering from dementia.

The Herbert Protocol is a form family or carers can fill out containing important information about a person with dementia in the event that they go missing. By preparing a form earlier on, the stress of trying to remember information can be avoided and police can get to work on finding them much more quickly.

Anyone who knows an adult who may be in need of social or health care, or thinks they may be at risk of abuse by another person, can contact Salford Safeguarding Adults Board on 0161 631 4777 or visit the website for more information.

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