Local charity Salford Survivors Project’s annual Christmas fundraiser has been launched supporting 20 families affected by domestic abuse through the festive season.

The fundraiser aims to provide a Christmas dinner and Santa sacks of presents to 20 families including 23 adults and 97 children whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse.

Last year the project improved the festivities of 40 families thanks to 167 donations from the public.

Salford Survivors Project was set up after two young mothers, Leanne Mcnuff and Linzi Ashton, died as a result of domestic violence.

The charity was created to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to give those affected by it some support and guidance.

They offer one to one and group sessions as well as further support through police meetings and court sessions.

Their website, http://thesurvivorproject.co.uk/about, also offers lots of information about domestic abuse and real-life stories to raise awareness of the cause. As well as this, they highlight the signs of an abusive relationship regularly on their social media to help victims.

If you wish to donate to the Salford Survivors Project Christmas fundraiser follow this link, https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/salfordchristmastoremember?fbclid=IwAR2gbDG4ko1Kb1KFaUf7ZUKovMMK9LeAvQAUdu8SQCcLviZUBoV81A8nHJ0

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