Every Salford & Eccles candidate enjoyed an intense debate at Salford University on Thursday night ahead of the general election.

The politicians debated topics such as public services, the climate emergency, the homelessness crisis, a potential post-Brexit free trade agreement, and many more.

The candidates answered questions for more than an hour for the programme “The Debate” run by MA Journalism students at the University of Salford, MediaCityUK.

Labour, whose candidate is Rebecca Long-Bailey, is confident of holding on to the ‘safe’ seat but will be getting jittery following dismal national opinion poll results.

During the debate Long-Bailey said: “The city of Salford is struggling. We have not received the investment that we deserve.”

The Conservative government was challenged over the lack of funding for public services.

Long-Bailey is adamant on “providing our public services with the funding that they desperately need, from the NHS all the way through to education and making sure those who work in public services get a pay rise.” She said Labour’s manifesto of hope would bring “real change.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Jake Overend is determined to give the people of Salford “the opportunity to move on, put this all behind us and stop Brexit.”

Green Party candidate Bryan Blears said he would represent the “local priorities and local people.” He said he wants “to offer an alternative to the mainstream parties who have got us into the mess that we are currently in.”

Conservative Party candidate Attika Choudhary believes people need to see results. She said: “If we want to serve people and respect their decision then we need to get Brexit done.”

She said: “We are the party who can get this deal, invest in the NHS, and for the people, and for the schools and our towns.”

The Brexit Party candidate Matt Mickler urged: “Let’s bring the power back to local communities and local people.”

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