Fish and other wildlife have died after Middlewood Locks in Ordsall dried up due to alleged vandalism and theft.

The recently regenerated site has been left high and dry for the last 3 days, leaving fish and other wildlife at risk.

According to locals, it is alleged that the water pumping station further down the River Irwell was broken into and had copper cables stolen, rendering it useless and stopping water from reaching the lock. A local resident said that 2 replacement pumps were sourced and installed within the last couple of days and they have since broken also.

According to a local resident, an engineer is currently attending the site to repair the pump and they expect water to re-enter the lock before the end of the day.

The Canal & River Trust fisheries team were onsite rescuing survivors that were stuck in the small puddles left inside the lock.

In a statement a spokesperson for the Canal and River Trust said: “We are currently investigating why the water has drained from Middlewood Locks on the Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal. Our fisheries team are on site and have carried out a fish rescue. Canal & River Trust staff are working hard to get water back into the lock as quickly as possible and we will continue to monitor the situation.”

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