In a recent study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) North, according to their HM Treasury figures for 2018-19, the north are receiving £527 less per person than in the south.

The analysis showed that investment had fallen in the past year. In the North West, spending per person in the North West has dropped by £78 (16%).

Arianna Giovannini, director of IPPR north said:
“There has been a long trend of underinvestment, this is because decisions about how investment in transport is allocated is in Whitehall.

As a result of that, there are parts of the country like the North West that are missing out because the decisions are made further away.

So, by leaders and politicians who do not have a clear understanding of the issues on the ground.”
She added that the north is being neglected:
She said: “For a long time there has been underinvestment in the north, which means the quality of transport affects the quality of life.

This is very bad for the people who need the transport to travel to work or they have to trust the services which is bad. This shows that there is a need for decisions to be shifted, so that the north can actually make decisions directly for how transport investment is allocated.

Giovannini has reservations regarding the success of HS2 in the north, she added: “There are doubts about HS2 about whether HS2 is going to be up north or not. We think that HS2 should start from the north itself and then we have the infrastructure that is needed I the morth, this can provide a basis for improving infrastructure for transport across the north.”

According to Salford City Council, buses account for 80% of public transport trips in Greater Manchester, trams and trains make up the rest.

Across the UK £481 was spent on public transport per person. More specifically, £903 was spent on each person in London, to £276 spent in Yorkshire.

Think tank IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research) North

Salford City Council are currently working on plans with Transport for Greater Manchester to create a new tram line running from Trafford Centre all the way to Eccles, with an ambition of minimising car trips. This project is called ‘Salford 2025’.

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