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A Salford based bicycle hire business are helping the community while trying to play a part in saving the environment.

Machester Bike Hire lease out e-bikes on a rolling contact so that healthcare professionals can deliver vital medicines to their patients.

Pavol Gajdos – the business owner – says that the service is “very popular”. Other businesses in Greater Manchester – including caterers – also use Gajdos’ services.

Manchester Bike Hire
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For Gajdos, protecting the environment is a key issue and explained: “I was fed up with the situation and as it is there is simply not enough going on.

“I feel that the government and council need individuals as well as local businesses to lead by example.

“When I first started I hadn’t heard of these but as I’ve become more involved within the industry, manufacturers are starting to become involved.”




The use of e-bicycles is growing and in Germany alone a million were sold last year and half of the bikes sold in the Netherlands were e-bicycles as we try and tackle the global climate crisis.

152 stretches of road in Greater Manchester will still be in breach of legal limits for concentrations of harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) beyond 2020 unless action is taken.

Poor air quality is the largest environmental public health issue facing the UK. Road transport causes 80% of NO2 emissions at the roadside, mainly from diesel vehicles.

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Pollutants are linked to a wide range of serious health problems, reduced life expectancy, and contribute to the equivalent of 1,200 deaths a year in Greater Manchester alone.

Featured image: Ollie Thorpe/Salford Now

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