Seven Bro7hers Bar

Four Salford breweries united on Saturday to hold their ‘Absolutely Weasted Winter Beer Festival’ at Seven Bro7hers brewery.

‘The Brew Four’, made up of Seven Bro7hers Tap, Hydes Brewery, Marble Brewery and Pomona Island Brew Co, collaborated to bring a night of live music and entertainment to The Seven Bro7hers brewery.

The Seven Bro7hers Brewery in Weaste. Credit: Rachel Birtwistle

This is the first time all four Salford companies have worked together, and plans to create a collaboration beer are well underway.

Beth Atton de Sá, the event organiser, explained how the huge collaboration came about:

“Very recently Marble Brewery moved their tap room and brewery here to Salford. We’re all quite close in the brewery community so we decided that because there’s now four breweries in the area, we’d think about doing a collaboration beer. So I jumped on the bandwagon and thought we should do a collaboration event.

“We called it Absolutely Weasted because we’re in Weaste, and we love a good pun! We’ve called the four breweries ‘The Brew Four’ of Salford, which is a play on words for the brew floor.”

Image credit: Rachel Birtwistle

The Four Sis4ers Gin Distillery also opened their doors to showcase their new Christmas Gin range.

Beth told us more about The Brew Four, and what makes each brewery unique:

Beth continued: “We’re all about collaborating, there’s no competition between us. We like celebrating locals, the area and Salford in general. We’ve done lots of beer festivals before, but this one is the first time we’ve incorporated so many other local components.

“Every brewery here gets to showcase their own beers. We always have great music, great beer and great people at every beer festival we do, but this is slightly different.”

Board games were also available to play at the cosy venue. Credit: Rachel Birtwistle

The event, which sold over 350 tickets, featured live performances and music from Seamus Og, James Lyons and THE CAPITALS.

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Seven Bro7hers are no strangers to collaborations; back in February they joined forces with Salford Pride to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues.

The brothers are known for their unique and adventurous beer flavours. We asked Beth which of the Seven Bro7hers beers were the most successful:

“Our Honeycomb ale and the Kelloggs beers are our top four at the moment. I would say above all, the Kelloggs beers have put us on the map. My favourite beer is the Cornflake IPA, but a lot of people have gone crazy for the Marshmallow stout because it only comes back in winter.

“The Kellogg’s stuff are definitely fantastic beers. They’re created using ugly cereal so it’s sustainably up-cycled with what would otherwise go into landfill, so we’re actually making something out of nothing. We’re helping the environment which is one of our big principles, as well as using local and supporting our neighbours, so it’s a big thing for us,” Beth explained.

Beth also told us about a few of their upcoming plans and events:

“We’ve got lots planned for the future! We’re opening another beer house called Middlewood Locks in January, so we’ll start doing the opening parties for that. Liverpool and Leeds are opening next year, we’re opening another two beer houses there. I have many more events in the pipeline so keeps your eyes peeled!”

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It seems the Salford brewery scene won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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