A Salford cycling project has announced an expansion in size in a bid to make more Salford residents fitter.

Salford Pedal Away project currently runs the rides from the Prince’s Park in Irlam. However, the group is planning to expand the route to Walkden.

As the project awaits for funding Rob Salt the Coordinator of the group hopes that the project will also branch out to Blackleach Country Park in February or March.

The community-based scheme enables people to ride, regardless of their age, ability or cycling experience.

Mr Salt said: “We started in March 2018, and we’ve seen over 100 people take part in rides, our cycling projects are passionate about inclusive cycling.

“We want to give everyone the opportunity regardless of age or ability to be able to cycle on their terms, and make it as enjoyable as possible, and this is exactly what we are currently achieving.”

“Eventually we want to allow all Salford residents to cycle on their terms and make it as enjoyable as possible.”

Mr Salt explained that there are two sessions each week, one for beginners and the other for more advanced bike riders.

Mr Salt said: “There is no fee to join the cycling projects, people can just turn up and we give them a bike and helmet if they don’t have one.

“However, people can donate £1 if they want, which we will put in the general maintenance.

The project is funded by local organisations such as Salford CVS, Salford public health, TfGM and local trustee Hamilton Davies.

Thanks to these funds, the projects can offer people helmets and bikes, and for the disabled people special adaptive bikes.

Within the Salford cycling project, there is another group called The Wheels for All, which caters for people that have certain disabilities.

Natalie Allanson started as a beginner, but now has progressed to a volunteer ride leader.

She said: “I started cycling with the Irlam Pedal Away beginners group on a Tuesday to get back into the saddle, and ease myself back into riding again which improved my physical health.

“Once I got my confidence back, I then progressed and started riding out with the intermediate group on a Thursday too.

“I’m no longer getting off my bike and pushing it up the hills I’m riding up them and as my ability and fitness grown so has my confidence. Which allowed me to become a volunteer and help out with the group.

“Being involved with the Pedal away group has helped me develop my social skills and grow as an individual, as well as improve my physical and mental health. I’m meeting new people, riding to places I’ve never been to and seeing sights I’d miss if I was in a car.”

For more information, visit the website at www.cycling.org.uk

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Josef Leizerowitz contributed to this report 

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