Employees from the Salford branch of French company Sodexo have been raising money for Stop Hunger by prancing around Salford Quays.

Sodexo employees across the UK and Ireland have been dressing up as reindeers and dashing around for 5km to help raise money for their in-house charity, Stop Hunger.

They have so far raised more than £2,000 from their ‘Strictly Come Prancing’ event which is just one of a number of fundraising events arranged by Sodexo.

Last year, employees from Sodexo raised £525,000 for Stop Hunger and are continuing to help tackle malnutrition.

Stop Hunger was originally set up in 1996 by members of Sodexo in America and has since gone on to become a worldwide initiative.


Employees from their Salford offices braved the cold weather on Tuesday and Wednesday with Communications Officer Aaron Cranfield, saying; “It’s been really good to see everyone come together.”

He added: “It’s Strictly Come Prancing, purely because of the famous BBC television programme. There was no pressure on anyone to actually run the 5k, they can prance, they can dash and do all the other things that they want to do.

“Last year we raised about £525,000 in total across the Stop Hunger Foundation Trust, which has gone to great causes and help fund them. At the same time it’s helping to make sure people are being supported in their local communities.

“We’ve had about 45-50 people compete across the UK so far. I think it’s been really good to see everyone come together over the festive period, making sure that everyone is coming together and doing their bit to help support other people who need it most, especially at this time of year.”

Stop Hunger work with numerous charities including FareShare and The Trussell Trust. FareShare provided over 3.4 million meals between 2018-2019 but that’s not the only thing they provide.

Aaron added:”One of the big reasons we work with FareShare and The Trussell Trust is because they are food bank providers but they also offer life skill services.



This is really important for us as a charity is to provide those services, to get people learning how to cook, so that they can work with the food that they are provided with from the food banks.”

Social media manager Tim Compton said Strictly Come Prancing was easily accessible to anyone. He said: “We weren’t going to let the cold weather stop us.

“What we’ve really liked about doing Strictly Come Prancing is that you don’t have to run, it’s accessibly for everybody who wants to get involved. You can prance, dash, dance, you can walk, it’s a great way to get out, do 5k and support Stop Hunger.”

Sodexo staff are given three days each year to take part in fundraising activities to support Stop Hunger. Account communications manager Jo Watt said  it was worth coming out and braving the cold: “It’s a really good cause and it was worth getting out in the cold for.

“We’ve been out helping in food banks, in Tesco, there’s lots of great activities that go on throughout the year. This is just part of it.”

Strictly Come Prancing, Sodexo employees taking part in their charity event. Credit: Aaron Cranfield, Sodexo.

You can find out more information by visiting uk.stop-hunger.org/home.html and you can keep-up-to date on Strictly Come Prancing here.

Featured Image Credit: Aaron Cranfield, Sodexo.

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