It’s the last day of the campaign before the polls open across Salford tomorrow at 7am, and we have reached out to all the candidates from the three Salford constituencies to hear their last message to the voters. We’ll post them below as they come through.

Here is Attika Choudhary, Conservative candidate for Salford and Eccles.

Here is a message from Barbara Keeley, Labour candidate for Worsley and Eccles South:

Here is Joe Johnson-Tod, Liberal Democrat candidate for Worsley and Eccles South:

Here is a message from Matt Mickler, Brexit Party candidate for Salford and Eccles:

Here is Jake Overend, Liberal Democrat candidate for Salford and Eccles:

Next is Arnie Saunders, Conservative candidate for Worsley and Eccles South:


Who are the candidates?

by Joshua Boyles

Salford and Eccles

LABOUR – Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey was elected as MP for Salford and Eccles in 2015 and again in 2017. She was made the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in February 2017. Having grown up in Stretford, Long-Bailey now has an address in Eccles. She is a mother of one and fan of the original trilogy of Star Wars films.

CONSERVATIVES – Attika Choudhary

Attika Choudhary is a BBC Radio Journalist, TV Presenter and ex-Mayoress of Rushmoor. She has lived and worked in Greater Manchester, though holds an address in Aldershot, Hampshire. Choudhary has previously worked as a support worker with people who have autism and is an advocate for mental health support.


Jake Overend moved to the Salford area to attend Salford University. Since then, he has become actively involved in the community by volunteering as a journalist and presenter at Salford City Radio.

GREEN – Bryan Blears

Bryan Blears has lived and worked in Salford for most of his life. His priorities lie with Green Belt preservation, publically owned transport services and improving health and wellbeing for people in Salford. He is the Nephew of Hazel Blears, who was the elected Labour MP for Salford and Eccles between 2010 and 2015.

BREXIT – Matt Mickler

Matt Mickler has a background in sales and recruitment. His priority is to increase the number of available jobs, invest more in education and encourage affordable housing in the area. He’s also expressed interest in moving away from the first past the post voting system.

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Worlsey and Eccles South

LABOUR – Barbara Keeley

Barbara Keeley was elected MP for Worsley in 2005 and again for Worsley and Eccles South in 2010. She was raised in Leeds and is a graduate of Salford University with a BA in Politics and Contemporary History. Keeley was the Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Social Care from June 2016 to November 2019. Her earlier career was in IT working as a Systems Engineer, as well as working for nine years as a Councillor in Trafford.

CONSERVATIVES – Arnie Saunders

Arnie Saunders was elected at a by-election in March 2017 as the Conservative Councillor for the Kersal ward. His priorities are to rebuild hospitals, invest in education, and tackle crime.


Joe Johnson-Tod is a student at the University of Salford where he studies Politics. He’s a fan of video games and BBC political comedy “The Thick Of It”.

GREEN – Daniel Towers

Daniel Towers is one of the younger members of the Green Party. He believes that there should be a fairer representational system where votes are more influential. Main priorities include a final say in the terms of a Brexit deal with remain still being an option.

BREXIT – Seamus Martin

Seamus Martin was the chair of the UK Independence Party in Greater Manchester before leaving to join the Brexit Party. He converted to Islam in 1998 after growing up with a Catholic background in Northern Ireland. He is a strong believer in leaving the EU.

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Blackley and Broughton

LABOUR – Graham Stringer

Graham Stringer has been a Labour MP for 22 years, previously serving as a Parliamentary Secretary in the Cabinet Office and as Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury. He is a denier of Global Warming and is a member of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, which ensures government decisions are scientifically sound. He is in favour of leaving the EU.


Iain Donaldson is a Research Administrator at Manchester University and a former City Councillor of 19 years. He has lived in Manchester for all of his life and believes that Brexit will have a negative impact on the city of Salford. His priorities lie with preserving green spaces and investing in public transport and cycle routes.

GREEN – David Jones

David Jones has lived all of his life in Broughton and works as an environmental scientist. The last 30 years of his career consists of working on environmental and energy projects across Europe and was a key player in orchestrating the Green Party’s Energy Policy. He has been an active member of the Green Party since 2012 and has been the Election Agent in Salford since 2014.

CONSERVATIVES – Alexander Victor Elias

BREXIT – James Edward Buckley

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