Broughton House is a home in Salford for ex servicemen and women, which is currently undergoing a £15 million redevelopment to become the UK’s first Veteran Care Village.

The home has been around since 1916, with the initial purpose to look after those involved in the First World War. However, over 100 years later, the home has continued to care for ex service-residents and is looking to develop even further.

Images from Broughton House.

Joan and George are two residents at Broughton House, who are both looking forward to moving into their new home. They spoke to us briefly about what the project means to them.

Laura Carr became the fundraiser for the House two months ago and hasn’t looked back. In an interview, Laura said: “Everybody dreams of a job where they look forward to getting up and going in in the morning; for me, this is that job.

“It’s so amazing being surrounded by people who have done so much for this country, where each individual has so many stories to tell. It’s a real privilege!”

The House has currently raised around £11.5 million of the required amount so far, so Laura’s role is crucial in finishing the fundraising efforts.

“It’s all about working with the community. I’ve been in contacted with the local schools and businesses, and it’s about forming partnerships.

“I like to think of them as relationships rather than a business agreement, because that’s the atmosphere we want to create.”

The first of three buildings planned is currently being constructed, named ‘1A’, is set to be finished by Easter next year, whilst the whole village is expected to be finished by 2021.

The House is currently home to 32 residents, however this is set to double in the developments. The home also contains a museum upstairs with a gallery of memorabilia.

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