To people in the UK, the electoral system here is well known. But to someone who lives abroad, and experiences a different electoral system, UK politics can be exciting.

That’s what Jan Erik Mustad thinks, Jan Erik is a Norwegian author and an expert on British politics.  

“I think the buzz of British politics is somewhat appealing to Norwegians. I think it is the whole election system that is so different from the Norwegian one, the winner takes it all

Then there is the 2 party system that is very different from the multi party system in Norway.

Jan Erik believes that the world is incredibly interested in British politics and will be eagerly awaiting the result of Thursday night’s vote.

“For many reasons I think British politics is fascinating because of its history because of its performances in the house of commons that we aren’t used to.

“This is another Brexit election like the 2017 election it is different because its such a concentrated election on the way forward for Brexit whether it is possible at all to move towards a closure to people in this country.”

Image credit – Jan Erik Mustad

He also thinks that the world currently sees Britain as a bit of a laughing stock.

“The self-image Britain has is somewhat different around the world I think Europeans and Americans are laughing a little bit at the Brits.

“Perhaps Britain is not that huge international world power like they used to think of themselves. I think that Britain have to realise that even though it is a big European economy it doesn’t play that vital role on the world stage any longer the way it used to.”

Finally Jan Erik spoke of Salford’s seat and how important it is to take part in a democratic vote.

“The election is important for everyone in Britain and it shouldn’t be underestimated. Salford has historically been a Labour seat. I think it is important for people to come to polls and use this MP who is the voice for the local community of Salford to step up their game and have a good close relationship to their MP so he or she can influence politics on the big stage.”

Listen to the full interview here:

Image credit – Jan Erik Mustad

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