Bodden Lodge, an over 60’s club at the heart of the locals in Salford has been saved after a long fight by the members.

The over 60’s club, Boddan Lodge which is based at Monton Green has been an integral part in the lives of Salford’s over 50 years.

Members of Bodden Lodge. Image Credit: Lucy Webber

Many different activities take place at the club such as bowls, line dancing, keep fit and cards club.

The club keep the over 60’s healthy, happy and independent in times that could prove difficult, especially if they live alone.

According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone, and more than a million older people say they go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.

For people like Denise Butter-worth, aged 72 having a club like Bodden Lodge just round the corner is so important, too socialise and get out the house, especially as she lives alone after losing her husband 20 year ago, Denise says “Obviously you’re really on your own, and you need to find something to do and somewhere to go.

“And this is it for me because there is always people, lots of things to do and you can come everyday if you want to.

“I know there is other places to go but you get used to the same people, we aren’t just a friendship anymore, we’re more like a family now.”

When describing the feeling when Denise first heard the news that the club could be shut down, she said: “I was devastated, absolutely devastated, I couldn’t tell you the feeling you get because part of your life is here.”

Bella Clapham, aged 94 is the longest member at the club, as she has been a member for over 30 years also explained how she would feel if the Bodden Lodge was to close, “Oh I’d be devastated, they’re such lovely people here”

“I like these people, we’ve also just been on holiday together to Scarborough, that was brilliant.

“You lose track once places close and that would be a shame.”

Bodden Lodge was described by the members as their “lifeline”, and they were left devastated after hearing the news of a possible closure of the club.

Plans for the club to stay open have been agreed between Salford City Council, the committee of Boddan Lodge, Monton and the trustees of Monton Unitarian church

A petition was started in February earlier this year to try and save Bodden Lodge, the petition reached over 2,000 but still hasn’t reached it’s goal of 2,500.

The petition can be found online here.

Bodden Lodge is always welcoming new members to join and hoping to raise money to keep them open for another 50 years.

Image Credit: Lucy Webber

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