A new play promising to ‘blur boundaries’ is coming to the Lowry on the 15th Jan.

New Live Theatre bring SARAH to the Lowry for 2020, following their sold out production of ‘The Betting Shop’ in 2019.

In a excerpt from Stevie Helps, the Co-Artistic Director of New Live Theatre, ‘SARAH’ is described as follows: “When Sarah is kicked out of her family home, she finds herself in grave danger.

“Catastrophic events take place and Sarah is put behind bars. Someone wants answers, someone is keeping secrets.”

The play also features live vocals from Kat Rawling.

Writer/Producer/Director Helps is known to overlay a multitude of genres and technical styles, from naturalism to comedy to physical theatre to melodrama to even satire to push theatrical boundaries.

New Live Theatre say that “His productions aim to offer both commercial and artistic threads woven into stylistic experiments intended to introduce everyday people to the wonderful and exciting world of theatre.”

For several years, Helps’ theatrical projects have served as a sought after platform for many new Actors taking their first steps into the industry.

“SARAH is no self help guide, but highlights the importance of talking to, and listening to one another and those you love, before it’s too late.”

SARAH shows at The Lowry on Wed 15 January 2020. Tickets are available now at the Lowry website or from the box office on 0343 208 6000.

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