Salford’s own Ordsall Hall is set to release a new line of dates for their famous ghost hunting evenings.

The Hall is said to be home to a hive of spiritual activity, with their webcams streaming a ‘ghostcam ‘ throughout the night for avid thrill-seekers on the Salford Community Leisure Centre website.

The Salford Community Leisure Centre website says that: “We have experienced truly spectacular activity on ghost hunts at Ordsall Hall, with responsive bangs, people being grabbed and even poltergeist activity on many occasions.”

Once a Tudor mansion, the hall was owned by the same family for 300 years before being purchased by the Salford Corporation in 1959, which was then opened to the public in April 1972 as a period house and a Local History Museum.

The 15th Century building is said to have been voted one of the most haunted buildings in the North West. The ex-mansion is also said to have it’s own resident ghost, called ‘The White Lady’, who apparently died jumping from the balcony to the star chamber in 1599.

The ‘Star chamber’ is alleged to be the hub for paranormal activity where repetitive bangs can be heard, alongside the cries of children. Visitors also claim that they are greeted with cold shivers and falling temperatures when they enter the chamber.

The most haunted team took to Ordsall Hall in 2004 with the recently passed Derek Acorah, reporting several accounts of poltergeist activity and even a member of the crew being grabbed by a some sort of force.

On one hunt, the medium that was leading the group claimed that a male figure was standing near one of the doors, as he didn’t want them to enter. It’s said that this man is the spirit of John Radcliffe, who was the former Lord of Ordsall Hall. The ghost is said to not take kindly to strangers walking around what used to be his bedroom and it has been alleged that he will often grab visitors or shove them.

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