Rock climbing classes for people of any level are being offered at the Helly Hansen Watersports Centre.

The centre, located by Salford Quays are hosting ‘Learn to Climb’ events every Wednesday evening for anybody aged eight and over who want to try out rock climbing.

The hour-long classes will cover any level of rock climbing from beginner upwards.

Alex Davies, the Assistant Manager of the Watersports Development at the centre, said: “The sessions are designed for any age with the level of our wall.

“Our coaches will take you through the basic techniques, clothing and equipment to get you to the standard for intermediate level for qualifications…

“I’d recommend it for a beginner as it’s something really good to get involved in. It’s quite different from the generic sports that you’d learn and see a lot in the media and on television.

“Our wall is perfect for beginning and intermediate level with the routes we have. Our coaches are very good at teaching that beginner level.”

Rock climbing has been noted for the benefits it brings people, whilst it makes the arms and shoulders stronger and more defined, it also improves confidence and team building skills.

Further benefits include improving the hand-eye co-ordination and self esteem.

The Helly Hansen Watersports Centre is also known for hosting classes and events for schools, scout and corporate groups and stag and hen parties.

Image Credit- Callum Metcalfe

The Helly Hansen Watersports Centre is also home to many sports.

Davies commented that they offer: dingy sailing; para-boating; knee-boarding; kayaking; canoeing; orienteering and other land based activities.

They also offer the individual qualifications for each activity.

The classes are available every Wednesday evening from 6-7pm and 7:15-8:15pm. Classes run weekly until May. Tickets cost £8 for adults and £7 for children.

To book onto classes, go to

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