Salford Safer Internet Day

“Free to be me” is this years social media campaign for Safer Internet Day as Salford reflects on its use of the internet.

Safer Internet Day is an event which is celebrated globally every year which promotes positive use of the internet.

The “free to be me” campaign is a result of new research released today (11th February) by the UK Safe Internet Centre which reveals that the internet is a fundamental part of young people’s identity.

Over 1500 organisations across the UK are getting involved with the “free to be me” campaign, using education packs and Safer Internet Day films.

In Salford school’s today are participating in activities which will educate children on how to be safe and use internet in a positive way, promoting the “free to be me” campaign


Salford is a digital city which is home to many large media organisations and 5G network, so is a large consumer of the internet.

Tech and Innovation hubs such as The Landing is home to over 100 businesses, including the likes of Vodafone.

Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children, said: “The BBC’s Own It app helps children avoid some of the issues that can cause stress and anxiety as they spread their wings and shape their identities online, so this year’s Safer Internet Day theme of ‘Free to be me’ has particular resonance for us.

“We are proud to be a part of it.”

In communities, the UK Safer Internet centre reports that “54% of disabled young people said it was easier to be themselves online than offline, compared with 38% of non-disabled young people; over a half (52%) also said in the last month they have found people like them they couldn’t find offline.”

We asked some young people of Salford about whether they feel safe on the internet.

Organisations in Salford have also been showing their support for Safer Internet Day on social media such as GMP.

The “free to be me” campaign both educates and encourages people to be more careful on the internet and to use it to its full potential in a positive way. To find out more about Safer Internet Day 2020 click here

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